See how IVP can assist you as a Data Scientist.

Easy to use solutions to accelerate projects , enhance your toolkit and improve collaboration with the rest of the team. Our insights delivered in minutes not months, with white-label options so you can share branded analysis with your team, customers and other stakeholders.

Accelerating Data Science Projects

Accelerate Your Data Science Projects Without Compromising Depth

Break free from the time-consuming aspects of coding with our platform. Designed for data scientists seeking efficiency without sacrificing analytical depth, our solution offers a user-friendly interface that speeds up data processing, analysis, and model development.

Tap into advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities that require no coding, allowing you to focus on strategic insights and innovation. With our platform, deliver faster results and allocate more time to data exploration and complex problem-solving.

Complementing Existing Data Science Tools

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing Data Science Ecosystem

Enhance your current data science toolkit with our versatile platform. It's designed to complement and extend your existing solutions, providing a collaborative space where both code-savvy data scientists and non-technical users can thrive.

Whether used as a standalone tool for rapid insights or alongside traditional coding environments for deeper analyses, our platform ensures that your data science efforts are more inclusive, efficient, and impactful. Unlock the full potential of your team by leveraging our solution to make advanced data science accessible to everyone.

Enhancing Collaboration Across the Organisation

Bridge the Gap Between Data Science and Business Decisions

Our platform empowers not just data scientists but the entire organisation to engage with data and insights. With intuitive tools and a no-code environment, team members across departments can interact with data, understand insights, and contribute to data-driven decision-making processes.

This inclusivity fosters a culture of collaboration and shared understanding, ensuring that insights are accessible to all, from executives to non-technical staff, thus democratising data across your company


See how you can solve these problems in four simple steps by using your data:


Connect your data sources

Streamline all your data integration efforts with our 50+ live data connectors.


See the whole picture

Model these data sources together with a drag and drop data modeller. Understand how every part of the puzzle fits together.


Track and Understand KPIs

In depth analysis to understand Utilisation across the whole team, Project Completion Times, Lead Generation, Market Feedback and many more


AI Powered Predictions

Act fast and ensure all of your processes run smoothly and profitability. You can predict projects likely to overrun, profitable customers and much more

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