See how data can empower your E-Commerce business

Easy to use solutions to elevate your customer retention rate, maximise return on advertising spend, and reduce shopping cart abandonment rate. Our insights delivered in minutes not months, with white-label options so you can share branded analysis with your team, customers and other stakeholders.

Elevate Your Customer Retention Rate

Turn One-Time Shoppers into Lifelong Customers

In the digital marketplace, winning a customer's loyalty is more challenging yet more rewarding than ever. AI-driven insights empower E-commerce SMEs to deeply understand their customers' behaviours, preferences, and purchasing patterns.

By leveraging personalised marketing strategies, tailored recommendations, and engaging loyalty programs, you can significantly enhance your customer retention rates. Our platform ensures that every customer interaction is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship, encouraging repeat business and fostering brand advocates.

Maximise Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

Make Every Marketing Spend Count

In a sea of competition, ensuring your advertising spend delivers maximum impact is paramount. IVP.AI enables E-commerce SMEs to achieve unparalleled efficiency in their advertising efforts.

By understanding which strategies resonate with your audience and drive conversions, you can allocate your budget more effectively, ensuring that your advertising spend contributes directly to your bottom line.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Convert Abandoned Carts into Completed Purchases

Shopping cart abandonment is a persistent challenge in E-commerce, signalling lost sales and missed opportunities. IVP.AI tackles this issue head-on by identifying the factors that lead to abandonment, from checkout process complexities to unexpected costs.

Our platform offers insights into when to implement strategic interventions, such as cart recovery emails and personalised incentives, designed to bring customers back to complete their purchases. 


See how you can solve these problems in four simple steps by using your data:


Connect your data sources

Tracking Margins , Site Speeds and traffic, AOV and many more with our 50+ live data connectors.


See the whole picture

Model these data sources together with a drag and drop data modeller. Understand how every part of the puzzle fits together.


Track and Understand KPIs

In depth analysis to understand Product Return Rate, Project Average Order Value, Project Profitability, Sales Conversion and many more


AI Powered Predictions

Predict Customer Spends, Plan Ahead of your Customers Needs and factor in Spending Anomalies

Find out how your data can empower your e-commerce business