See how data can empower your hospitality business

Easy to use solutions to enhance guest experience, optimise operational efficiency , and maximise revenue opportunities. Our insights delivered in minutes not months, with white-label options so you can share branded analysis with your team, customers and other stakeholders.

Enhance Guest Experience

Elevate Every Stay with Data Insights

In the hospitality industry, every guest interaction counts. Utilise data to understand your guests' preferences, behaviours, and feedback in real-time.

Tailored experiences aren't just appreciated; they're expected. By analysing trends and guest data, you can anticipate needs, personalise services, and exceed expectations, turning first-time visitors into loyal patrons.

Optimise Operational Efficiency

Streamline Operations with Smart Data Use

Running a smooth operation is essential for any hospitality business. Data can illuminate inefficiencies in your service delivery, inventory management, and staffing.

With actionable insights, optimise schedules, reduce waste, and ensure your resources are aligned with guest demand. This not only cuts costs but also boosts your team's ability to provide impeccable service.

Maximise Revenue Opportunities

Unlock Revenue Growth with Strategic Data Analysis

Understanding market trends and guest spending patterns can be a game-changer for hospitality SMEs. Data analytics enable you to identify peak demand periods, adjust pricing dynamically, and create targeted promotions that resonate with your audience.

By leveraging data to make strategic decisions, you can enhance occupancy rates and increase per-guest revenue, ensuring your business thrives in a competitive landscape.


See how you can solve these problems in four simple steps by using your data:


Connect your data sources

Customer Stats, Spending Trends, Operations Data and many more with our 50+ live data connectors.


See the whole picture

Model these data sources together with a drag and drop data modeller. Understand how every part of the puzzle fits together.


Track and Understand KPIs

In depth analysis to understand Revenue Per Available Room, Vacancy Rates, Guest Satisfaction Scores, GOPPAR and many more


AI Powered Predictions

Act fast and ensuring all your projects run smoothly and profitability. You can predict projects likely to overrun, profitable customers and much more

Find out how your data can empower your hospitality business